Fyre Up Your Earnings: Be a Fyre Search Affiliate and Blaze the Trail!

Join the Fyre Search Affiliate Program to embark on a journey of unprecedented earnings and influence in the Restaurant & PBCL Industry. As an affiliate, you'll represent Fyre Search, a cutting-edge Crowd Management & PR Marketing tool for brands, and earn generous commissions while helping businesses thrive. Ready to turn your passion into profit? Sign up today and start blazing the trail to financial success.

Perks of Fyre Search Affiliate Program: Note Please!

Intuitive Affiliate Dashboard

Experience the convenience of our dashboard, designed to provide you with seamless access to comprehensive data. Easily track conversions, referrals, total earnings, and more—all consolidated on one platform. This dedicated dashboard is crafted to enhance your journey as a FS affiliate, offering a streamlined way to monitor your performance.

Dedicated Affiliate Support

Count on unwavering support from the FS Team as our affiliate. We are here to assist you every step of the way. Receive comprehensive training materials to deepen your understanding of the product before initiating your work. We prioritize your success, ensuring that you're well-equipped throughout the journey as a FS affiliate.

Rewards For Top Performers

Elevate your achievements as a top performer in our affiliate program and unlock exclusive rewards and incentives. Your exceptional efforts deserve recognition, and we're committed to offering special rewards to celebrate your success. Join FS's affiliate program & enjoy the additional benefits that come with being a top performer.

Enhanced Image as An Affiliate

By associating with Fyre Search as an affiliate marketer, you can not only earn money but also enjoy an enhanced "Affiliate" image within the rapidly growing PBCL (Pubs, Bars, Clubs, and Lounges) and Restaurant industry and beyond.

Get Inviting Activation Bonus

True that, with Fyre Search, you can start making money immediately during your affiliate profile activation! Once you receive the onboard email and unique ID, an amount of Rs. 1000 automatically gets added to your affiliate wallet.

Fyre Search Affiliate Program in a Nutshell

Join Fyre Search, the ultimate crowd management and PR marketing platform for PBCL and the Restaurant Industry! Calling all content creators, food bloggers, marketing agencies, and travel/food websites to expand our pan-India reach with a unique code. As affiliates, your mission is to sell Fyre Search subscriptions to establishments nationwide. Your reward? Earn high commissions directly into your account for each subscription using your unique code. But here's the kicker – the more you sell, the higher your commission rate and additional long-term incentives! Elevate your earnings with Fyre Search!

Fill the form and sign up our Fyre Search Affiliate Program

Complete KYC from the link sent to your email address

Get an Official Onboard mail from us and Access to The Intuitive Affiliate Dashboard

Embark on an Easy Money-Making Journey as a Fyre Search Affiliate.
Recommend & Earn.

Frequently Asked Questions

To become a Fyre Search Affiliate, sign up and await verification by our team. Upon completion, you'll get an onboarding email with your unique code. Reach out to PBCL and Restaurant owners, pitching them to claim their location gallery on Fyre Search. Earn up to 50% commission for each subscription sold, deposited directly into your account. Ensure you receive your commission by prompting brands to use your Unique or FS Code during payment. Review the training material for a clearer understanding of code usage.

Bloggers, Content Creators, Social Media Influencers, Publishers, Marketing Agencies, Travel and Food-related Websites, and Companies having connections with PBCL business owners can apply for the Fyre Search Affiliate Program.

As a Fyre Search Affiliate, you can earn on a commission basis, which works in a monthly model. On each subscription sale via your unique code, you receive a 30 to 50% commission from Fyre Search and 20% for each subscription renewal.

To sign up for the Fyre Search Affiliate Program, fill out the form given at the top of the page and join or click the Sign-up/Start Now button. You will receive an email to complete your KYC soon after that.

After being onboarded, associates will get a product guide and pitch deck which would further assist them in getting the ins and outs of the business. Pitching the owners with complete confidence on Fyre Search will definitely help apart from our associates' training material.

Fyre Search Affiliate Program is entirely based on the verification process, which indeed strengthens the mutually beneficial relationship among the associates and Fyre Search. A Two-step verification process will ease the build-up period and ensure that there is no havoc created in the long run!

After filling up the form of the program, associates will get an auto-generated link on their name. This link will open up another form where associates need to update specific details like ID Proof, GST (optional), bank details, and canceled cheque. After submission, the form verification shall take place and you shall receive you onboarding mail as soon as possible followed by the onboarding email consisting of the Unique Associate Code and training material.

No. You cannot sell the unique coupon code given to you by Fyre Search but promote it to PBCL business owners and make them purchase and/or renew our subscriptions.

You will be paid in Indian Rupees. Follow Fyre Search Affiliate Program terms and agreement details for more.

The activation bonus of Rs. 1000 you get while joining us as a Fyre Search Affiliate remains in your profile for unlimited days. However, you can claim it directly to your bank account only when your commission amount reaches a minimum of Rs. 10,000.