Gaining new customers and keeping them engaged with the business and it's services can be quite challenging! But, Fyre Search has made it a lot easier with its innovative Schedule Push Notification feature. You must know that 'User Acquisition and Retention is the key benefit of every business, and to ensure that your brand has it at its best, Fyre Search offers you its customized push notification feature.

This feature surefire the business's increasing engagement and conversion rates by scheduling the push notification for the target audience. It will also assist you with new customer acquisition with lesser effort and quicker results. You will also benefit from the opportunities to enhance your customer's experiences with the brand/service, as through this feature, you can notify them with exclusive offers and useful information.

Easy targets and satisfactory marketing results are the exact outcomes of using creative and customized Push Notifications of Fyre Search. It is your smart business move to directly choose and reach the target audience of Wire Virtual Marketplace with effective Push Notification Ads. You must adhere to these Push Notification Terms & Conditions for more productive results before scheduling it.

How To Create Effective Push Notification?

● Download App & Create Business Profile

Download the Fyre Search Mobile Application and log in via your Phone Number. Next, create your official business profile and buy the Free Subscription plan. Next, you need to proceed with enlisting your business and its outlets, if any, with our Company for official records.

● Complete Business Enlisting

Complete business enlisting to become our onboarded Partner. After the verification process of your submitted documents for business enlisted, your brand will be displayed on Wire Virtual Marketplace. Remember, you will be allowed to access the Fyre Search App and its features only after enlisting.

● Create Effective Push Notification

Open the App and select 'Push Notification' from the side menu, create a new notification or attach any previous offers. Then you need to set the time & date and use filters to choose the target audience. You must then enable it and save the Push Notification Ad.

Push Notification Terms & Conditions
1. Introduction

This Website by the URL ("Website") is owned and operated by Fyre Search Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company" and/or "Fyre Search"), a private limited company registered at Registrar of Companies, Delhi with its address HOUSE NO 52B, BLOCK-C, LANDMARK, NEAR-MODEL TOWN, MAHENDRA ENCLAVE NEW DELHI North Delhi DL 110033 IN.

Your use of the Fyre Search Mobile Application's "Push Notification" provided to you on or from or through the Application ("Services") is subject to the terms of a legal agreement between you and the Company.

The expressions "You" or "Partner," whenever the context so requires, for the purposes of these Terms of Use, shall mean any natural or legal person who may create by registration, business account in the Fyre Search Mobile Application or agree to avail Our Services through our Application.

The expressions "We," "Us," "Our," "Website" shall mean the Company or its affiliates or agents. In addition, here, "Service" or "Feature" refers to the 'Push Notification' feature provided by Fyre Search to its onboarded Partners.

These terms and conditions ("Terms of Use") apply to your use of the Fyre Search "Push Notification" feature. By accessing or otherwise using the Application, You agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. In addition, any business account You may create by registration in the Application and/or purchase or avail of any subscription, including the 'Push Notification' feature available through Fyre Search, are governed by these Terms of Use.

Fyre Search and Partner hereby agree as follows:


2. The Feature

2.1 In order to use the Push Notification Feature of Fyre Search, you first need to be an onboarded partner of Fyre Search. Next, you must download the Fyre Search mobile application and log in to create a business profile and purchase the desirable subscription. Once the subscription is purchased, you must complete the business enlisting process for our legal records, only to be considered as our onboarded Partner. In the final step, you must agree to this 'Terms and Conditions for accessing the Feature- Push Notification.

2.2 By logging in or enlisting your business in Fyre Search as a Partner, you confirm your understanding and unreserved acceptance of the present Agreement and other terms and conditions of Fyre Search, including, but not limited to the Privacy Policy, published at our Website concerning the Company, Application and its Features/Services, and confirm that you are a duly authorized signatory, have the full legal capacity and all the necessary authority to bind the individual, Company or other entity, for entering into this legally binding contract.

2.3 After creating a business profile, a partner of Fyre Search can become the User of the Free Subscription Plan provided by the Application. When a Partner reaches the limited period of 45 days Free Subscription, then Partner must provide payment of the desired subscription to continue using its Features for Wire Marketing. In any case, the Partner is obligated but fails for any reason to pay according to the pricing plans. The Service provided to the User, including the Push Notification feature by Fyre Search, will be immediately stopped and/or withdrawn and/or discontinued.

3. Rules To Adhere While Using 'The Feature- Push Notification.'

The content of the Partner's Source(s) or its affiliated Source(s), as also the Partner's Push Notifications, must not include and/or relate to/promote any material that infringes the rights of any third party or that is in violation of any law, as bound by the law itself or as determined by us in our sole discretion, including but not limited to the following:

3.1 Prohibited Content for Push Notifications
1. Advertising Another Product

It is mandatory not to advertise another product or service via the Push Notification feature of your business account at Fyre Search. You must only advertise your services and brand via the application. If you want to advertise other services beyond your brand, you must create a different business account.

2. Push Notification Ads Without Any Valued Information.

Ensure every brand message sent via Push Notification is relevant to the target audience. Sending messages that have no value or use for the target audience or are unrelated to your registered brand/service with Fyre Search is Prohibited. For example, if you are sending a push notification with the message of 'Happy Independence Day,' then make sure you also add a special independence day offer to the message so that it becomes valuable for the recipient. You must know that these push notifications are sent directly to the phones of your target audience, and any such message without value or private wishes shall turn into a disruptive effect!

3. Illegal Promotion of Products or Services

The laws prohibit Push Notification content promoting any illegal product or services. Partners must not facilitate or promote any services, content, products that could be illegal or inappropriate for the target audience. Any usage of illegal or inappropriate terms which can mislead or exploit the minors is also strictly prohibited. One must not promote Tobacco or related products like Alcohol, Drugs, or any other unsafe substances or supplements via these Push Notifications. One must not add any kind of spyware, malware or any such links that will redirect people to illegal landing pages or provide them unpleasant experiences. It is also not allowed to add non-functional landing pages to the Push Notification content. Prohibition on selling or promoting the sale of body parts via Push Notifications is also added in this agreement. Partners must not initiate any notifications that encourage or promote products for weight loss or any health issues. Any kind of content related to illegal gambling, creation, promotion and sale of bombs, trafficking, money lending, hacking, criminal activity, etc., is prohibited.

4. No Discriminatory Content

Partners must ensure that the content shared through their Push Notifications is only designated to promote their offers, services or brand. Therefore, they should not engage or promote or facilitate any content that encourages any type of discrimination like sex, religion, political value, genger identity, disability, etc. In addition, any Push Notification Content should not implement that a person or a group is a threat to any gender, beliefs, religion, society, sex, sexual orientation, caste, disease, immigration status, etc.

5. Sale or Promotion of Weapons

Your push notifications shall not promote or encourage the sale or usage of any weapons, explosives or dangerous products among the Target Audience.

6. Sexual Products, Services or Content

It is strictly prohibited to promote or encourage the usage of any sexual product or services via Push Notifications of Fyre Search. Any such ads containing messages that display any sexual term, product, or service will be immediately banned, followed by permanent deactivation of the respective business account. In addition, any such adult or sexual content that depicts sexual pleasure or any related activity in the form of words or photos is not to be used in the Push Notification ads. Any such content that also indicated meeting someone, new connections or content visualizing in a sexual manner is banned on the platform of Fyre Search.

7. Controversial and Sensational Content

One must not share any controversial or sensational content that can have any kind of disturbing or negative impact on the Target Audience. For example, sending a push notification that indicates or promotes any political view or shows violent content is not allowed via the platform. We also prohibit such content that might provide misinformation to the target audience on any social or political values, events, organization, national/ international news, religious beliefs, etc. It is also important to understand that one must not provide any kind of misleading or false claims that can encourage any controversial or fraudulent activity.

8. Third-Party Infringement

Any Push Notification Content that violates any rights of third-party products, services, brand image, privacy or other such policies is prohibited.

9. Improper Content

The Push Notification content shall not have any kind of grammatical error, and the use of numbers, special characters, and letters shall give the right brand message. It is also important to not use any non-existent functionality in the content like play buttons, checkboxes, multiple-choice options etc. The content of the push notifications shall not exhibit any type of unacceptable business practices such as products, schemes, offers which act as a scam for the target audience. Any creatives or push notification content should not have any deceptive, abusive, intolerant, provocative, false information, etc.

10. Financial Indicative Content

Any Push Notification via Fyre Search shall not promote any kind of financial activity like loans, payslip, bail bonds, short-term loans, auctions, biddings, etc. It should also not promote or encourage any type of financial product or Service which is misleading for the Target Audience. One must not also provide any such promoting or encouraging content related to any kind of insurance, loans and investments.

11. Network Marketing Promotion

It is strictly prohibited to promote or encourage any kind of network or multiple-level marketing that suggests buying or selling products and services, indicates income opportunities, or offers quick compensation for investments.

3.2 Restricted Content for Push Notification
1. Pornography or Adult Content

Any Push Notification content shall not show any sexual representations in the form of images, text, videos, audio and links. It is forbidden to also show misleading landing pages which show any kind of adult content. The content cell does not depend on any sexual act, sexual organs, masturbation, sexual activities, nudity. It is also restricted to showing or encouraging child, adult or animal pornography or content via Push Notification. Furthermore, one must not depict any type of human secretions, feces, urine, spit, snot, mensuration, vomit etc., via Push Notification content.

2.Violence/ Terrorism

It is also restricted to providing, encouraging or promoting any kind of activity related to violence, terrorism, or brutal videos, images, links, landing pages, and content.

3. Scary or Misleading Offers

It is restricted to using any kind of content or creatives for landing pages with any potential threat to the target audience. These potential threats could be any possible virus or other illegal warnings. It is also important to know that partners are not allowed to promote or encourage any kind of misleading or phishing offers, for example, winning or receiving large amounts or gifts or income opportunities or loans, etc. One must also know that sending landing pages or links with vulnerabilities and malicious software which can infect the computer or mobile devices is also restricted. Fyre Search also restricts any content related to the stock market.

4. Selling or Promotion of Sexual Products and Services.

One must not encourage, sell, or promote sexual products or services via Fyre Search Push Notifications. Products like genital enlargement supplements, prostate treatment drugs, male potency supplements, sex toys etc., are not to be displayed via any kind of content, creatives, landing pages or links of push notification. It is also restricted to promoting or encouraging any sexual activity from the platform.

5. Imitation of Technical Updates

It is restricted to imitating icons, content, creatives, links, landing pages or interfaces that show any kind of message of update or error of any browser, well-known sites, or operating system.

6. Empty Messages

As also suggested before, there should be no such picture push notification content that provides zero value to the target audience. Any message with the combination of texts, icons, creatives, numbers etc., without forming any important information related to the partner and its brand, will be considered empty messages that are restricted.

7. Notification Request Cheat

Push Notifications with landing pages that collect subscriptions by a notification request cheat on a landing page which could be misleading for the target audience is strictly rejected.

8. Unethical Use of Celebrity Names

The use of any names of politicians, celebrities, youth icons etc., which indicates promotion of unethical services, fake news, defamation, or negative representation, is completely restricted. Furthermore, the partner must not promote or encourage any kind of product, Service, activity, campaign, etc., on behalf of any celebrity without legal collaborations.

9. Political Advertisement and Activities

It is strictly restricted to promote any political party or person. Therefore, one must also never encourage any kind of political view or activity via the content of Push Notifications. In addition, advertisers should never run any kind of ad related to social issues, elections or political views.

10. Drugs and Alcohol-Related Content

Any push notification content shall not promote, sell or encourage any kind of drugs or alcohol. It also includes any kind of product that could be harmful to the target audience's health. One must know that it is not also acceptable to advise any kind of treatment for drugs and alcohol addiction via Push Notification. In addition, partners are also not authorized to promote any kind of drug prescriptions.

11. Cryptocurrency Products and Services

The Push Notification content cell never promotes, sells or encourages any cryptocurrency product, software, platform, or related services.

12. Gambling and Online Games

Any kind of content in the form of images, links, texts, landing pages etc., which depicts or encourages any activity of gambling and online games are not allowed via Push Notifications. It also includes social casino games that provide the opportunity of winning money or gifts.

13. Cosmetic Wellness Activities and Products

Partners are not authorized to promote or encourage any cosmetic procedure, wellness products, supplements, drug prescriptions, or activities on behalf of themselves or any other person or brand.

Including all the above major prohibited and restricted content of Push Notifications are also some specific restrictions on the Push Notification Ads via Fyre Search; such as banned content like:

  • Pornography, adult or mature content;
  • Illegal activity and/or promotion of illegal activity (i.e., illegal online gambling, how to build a bomb, counterfeiting money, hacking, phreaking, etc.);
  • Hate-mongering (i.e., racial, political, ethnic, religious, gender-based, sexuality-based or personal, etc.) or otherwise objectionable content;
  • Violence (including gratuitous violence), profanity, obscene or vulgar language and abusive content or content which endorses or threatens physical harm;
  • Illegal substance and/or promotion of illegal substance;
  • Drugs or any related paraphernalia;
  • Adware, malware, viruses, phishing offers;
  • Creatives should not contain misleading, deceptive, abusive, intolerant, defamatory, provocative and\or false information and\or materials to the user;
  • Purchase of weapons/military equipment;
  • False or deceptive investment advice, and others;
  • Intellectual property rights (brand name, trademarks, logo, etc);
  • Investment, money-making opportunities or advice not permitted under law ("get rich fast," "Ponzi schemes," etc.);
  • Material that defames, abuses, or threatens physical harm to others;
  • Software Pirating (e.g., Warez, P2P, Bit torrent, Hotline, etc.);
  • Hacking or Phreaking;
  • Fraud, unofficial, untrue, false, misleading, invented, re-produced information, facts, news, offers, solutions, guidelines related to or aiming to treat in any way and at any level vulnerabilities of all kind, including but not limited to any physical, mental, psychological, social, religious, economic, scientific vulnerabilities;
  • Any illegal activity whatsoever;
  • Any spoofing, redirecting of the end-users to gain traffic; or
  • Any other inappropriate activity as determined by us in our sole discretion.
  • User must not use the Service in connection with any of the above, nor enable direction to another Source related to/contains/promotes such prohibited content.

If any Partner is violating any prohibition and restriction including but not limited to this agreement, then immediate and serious actions will be taken against it. Furthermore, we may also permanently close the registered business account without any notice or update in case of some brutal violations. Therefore, it is crucial to adhere to each rule of Push Notification written in this agreement. For any queries, you can directly email us at