Fyre Search is a Crowd Management and Marketing platform designed specifically for the PBCL (Pubs, Bars, Clubs, Cafes, Lounges) and Restaurant Industry. It is a cutting-edge business strategy converted into a mobile application which meets the marketing and PR management demands of this industry.

Fyre Search as a tool assists PBCL & Restaurant brands to leverage the most organized virtual marketplace- Wire, just by claiming the pre-existing location galleries. It has 50 lkh+ pre-existing location galleries of brands pan India, which are ready to be claimed by their owners & live their business profiles at Wire where millions of potential customers are waiting to choose their outlets. FS App serves as the medium to claim the location galleries & maximize the PR, Marketing & Conversion game via effective use of Fyre Search features.

The reasons why Fyre Search is always a better choice comparatively with other platforms are:

Provides pre-existing Location Gallery to leverage Wire- The most organized virtual marketplace for PBCL & Restaurant Brands.

Provides incredible features like Scheduled Push Notifications, Crowd Puller Multiple Business Listing, PR Gallery Management, Customized Coupon Marketing, Inventory Management, Rating and Review System and other sub features to assist partner for displaying their best on virtual marketplace.

Easy to handle marketing tool.

Cost-effective and customized subscriptions.

Constant and immediate team support.

No, the application is only available in Play Store. You can easily download it and enjoy the explicit services!

To claim your pre-existing location gallery, you must download fyre search and log in via your phone number; this number will further be considered your registered business number with Fyre Search. Next you need to build your Wire Merchant Profile, buy a subscription & enlist your business on Fyre Search to complete your claim on location gallery along with active Wire merchant Account.

You must download it and log in via your phone number; this number will further be considered your registered business number with Fyre Search.

You must create a Wire business profile by filling the respective form with an original brand name, location and logo to initiate the location claim process. Then proceed to buy a subscription and enlist your business with Fyre Search to complete the claim and take the ownership of your location gallery & be our official Wire Merchant. Enlisting your business will give you access to our features and also display your brand on the Wire Virtual Marketplace!

You will find the ‘Add your business’ option in the side menu for business listing, and you can register all your outlets under the same brand name and logo. You can only change the location during registration. For Example- Lord of the drinks, Noida, Lord of the drinks, CP.

We have designated the subscription packages for your business; you can select a plan and purchase it. Every package have specific perks described in the app itself; please make a wise choice. It is also providing free trial subscription in some cities, however it is mandate to purchase the free or paid subscription package so that you can proceed to claim your location gallery to access your Wire Profile. Only after business enlisting your brand, you will be transferred the ownership of your pre-existing location gallery & will be our onboarded partner with active profile displayed on the Wire Virtual Marketplace. Without purchasing package you are not officially enlisted with Fyre Search which clearly means you cannot access any other marketing feature of the app or claim your gallery.

You can not cancel the subscription, and we are also not providing any refund. So in case your amount stocks in the payment gateway, please contact it for further queries. We will inform you if we get the money meanwhile.

The application will also bestow you with ratings based on the customer experience at your place. You must ensure 100% customer satisfaction to give intense competition to other brands. With Fyre Search Ratings you will get organic visibility on the Virtual Marketplace.

You will be surprised how efficiently you can schedule a specific push notification of your offers/ information and simultaneously send it to millions of targeted audiences. Fyre Search guarantees you fruitful results with this unique promotional feature.

We have several marketing strategies, including banners, table managements, coupon displays, PR galleries, ratings, menu and many more. These minor features will ensure increasing footfall and revenue with high returns on investment with Fyre Search.

If you are the owner of a registered business of PBCL (Pubs, Bars, Cafes, Clubs, Lounges) & Restaurant Industry with all official licenses, you can be our Onboard Member.

You must submit any government issued license that shows your legal business name and outlet address, for example, FSSAI License. After submission of your business listing application, team will verify and onboard you within 24 hours.

You can email us at connect@fyresearch.com anytime and the team will be instantly available to solve your queries.

No there is no charges to be an onboarded Fyre Search partner, you just need to purchase the subscription and start using the application to claim your location gallery and be on Wire.

Hey! If you have any question which is not answered here you can check the ‘tool management’ book, if received, in case you still have queries please click below to write it in the form. We will get back to you immediately to resolve your issues.

We are happy to assist you in making both the before and after onboarding process smoother!