Multiple Business Listing

Reach the desired heights of promotion with Fyre Search- the one-stop marketing solution.

Fyre Search will allow you manage businesses located in different places with a single mobile application. Please remember that you can only add multiple businesses under the same brand and logo.

Multiple business listings will help you to be more organized and handle all the promotional strategies effortlessly.

You can also benefit with customized subscriptions for all the listings after approval. It means a single subscription will enhance the promotion of every business you list with us.

Get assisted for growing the individual ratings and brand awareness and eventually increase the traffic and sales.

Monitor Location Gallery

Know the power of picture branding with Fyre Search and shine like never before!

Fyre Search is integrated with a Geo-Tagging Social Media Platform, where a customized Location Gallery is created for your Brand.

Onboarded partners are gifted this Location Gallery and given the authority to monitor it.

By monitoring Location Gallery you can administer and execute effective PR Management of your brand. You can delete, review, and approve quality photos that would be displayed on Virtual Marketplace.

Your pre-existing Location Gallery will give you optimum reach and organic visibility to the customers, CLAIM it now by downloading Fyre Search app.

Crowd Puller

Explore the power of AI for fastest customer acquisition through Crowd Puller.

It will help you enter a strategically created offer program immidiately.

Enter your desired program & system AI would instantly send your chosen offer program to potential customers.

It will help you take quick strategic move and be a step ahead of your competitors.

Charm the potential customers and give them an effective reason to choose you.

Scheduled Push Notification

User retention is the key benefit of every business and to ensure that your brand has it at its best, Fyre Search has included the custom push notification feature in its list.

Increase the engagement and conversion rates of the business by scheduling the push notification for the target audience. It is also going to assist you with new customer acquisition.

You will also be benefited with the opportunities of enhancing the experiences of your customer with the brand/service. As through this feature you can notify them with exclusive offers and useful information.

You can also use it to attach your offers and send it to a specified bulk of people simultaneously. This way you can monitor the customer behavior towards the brand thereby getting help in enhancing the brand’s consistency.

We also include the option of choosing the target audience for push notification through specific user groups via location, workplace, time, date, hometown, city, college, school and check-in time.

Inventory Management

Let your potential customers see what you have to offer entice them with perfection.

Your potential customers get to see and analyze the available tables and menu.

They will get a clear idea of the delicious menu that you serve along with the price.

It will also assist your brand with optimum ways of branding the business with victorious management tactics.

Attract the customers with customized coupons that you can send them via scheduled push notifications.

Rating & Review System

Influence your target audience by showing the business calibre and aura with higher ratings and reviews.

It will benefit you by establishing more trust in the customers in your brand and service. This will assist you further with increasing the brand value without any risk of dilution.

It will strengthen your relationship with the target audience, thereby providing them with a voice of review. Enacting immediately on every review would encourage the customers to hold up to your services.

It will assist you with valuable market research where you would understand the needs and opinions of your potential customers in a better way.

Ratings and reviews will further bestow you with bigger chances of increasing your footfall as well as revenue!