Multiple Business Listing

Manage multiple outlets of the same brand seamlessly through one app, effortlessly organizing and streamlining your marketing strategies. Customize and manage subscriptions for each outlet with ease after admin approval, boosting ratings, brand awareness, foot traffic, and sales across all locations.

Monitor PR Gallery

Integrated with a geo-tagging social media platform, create a customized location gallery that onboarded partners can monitor. Manage your gallery by deleting, reviewing, and approving photos for Wire Profile, ensuring effective PR management and achieving optimum reach and organic visibility.

Crowd Puller

Enter a strategically created offer program instantly, where AI sends your selected offer to potential customers. Make quick strategic moves to stay ahead of competitors, charming potential customers and giving them compelling reasons to choose you.

Scheduled Push Notification

Schedule push notifications to boost engagement and conversions, enhancing customer experience with exclusive offers and information. Send offers to targeted groups and monitor customer behavior for brand consistency. Choose your target audience based on location, workplace, time, date, hometown, city, college, school, and check-in time.

Inventory Management

Potential customers can view available tables and menus with prices, helping them choose you by showcasing your delicious offerings. Enhance branding with effective management tactics, and attract customers with customized coupons via scheduled push notifications.

Rating & Review System

Build trust and enhance brand value without dilution, strengthening relationships by promptly listening to customer reviews. Gain valuable market insights to better understand customer needs, and increase footfall and revenue through higher ratings and reviews.