Fyre Search Affiliate Program can be your best career choice when you add your valuable efforts to the team! In becoming our affiliate partner, you get to monetize your efforts of selling Fyre Search Subscriptions to opulent PBCL (Pub, Bar, Club, and Lounge) and Restaurant business owners.

Fyre Search is a dynamic crowd management tool specifically designed for PR and Marketing snags of the PBCL and Restaurant industry. Being an affiliate, you need to approach your networks in this sector and recommend them to claim their virtual location on Fyre Search and start using it. On every successful location claim via subscription purchase on Fyre Search, you would get a 30-50% commission on the subscription amount. The variation in commission amount completely depends on your actions per month. In addition, three consecutive renewals of the subscription would also give you a 20% recurring commission rate.


Let us assume you are a microblogger or any firm having a good network with PBCL and Restaurant business owners. You would visit your networks and influence them to use Fyre Search as a pathway to successful marketing and PR.

In Fyre Search terminology, you are the Affiliate in Fyre Search Affiliate Program, and the owner will be our on-boarded partner. Once the owner gets onboarded and purchases the subscription, 30-50% of the commission will directly go to your wallet account on the Fyre Search dashboard, which you can raise after the wallet amount reaches 10,000 and the last commission received is 7 days mature. The balance would be credited to your bank account in 24 Business Hours.

Company- Fyre Search

Associate- Blogger/ Content Creator/ Publisher/ Affiliate Marketer/Firm

Partner- Business Owner

Commission Calculation

As our valuable affiliate, you have an opportunity to earn commission in two different ways:

  • Commission on the initial subscriptions sold by you.
  • Three consecutive renewal commissions after the PBCL and Restaurant Owners renew their subscriptions.

TDS deductions on commission stand applicable as per prevailing Income Tax Act 1961.